NK Technologies - High Performance Current Sensing for Automation Applications

February 11, 2019 - NK Technologies offers a variety of power monitoring models to suit most applications.
The APS covers applications of single phase or three phase circuits of about fifty amps, with current balanced across all three phases.
The APT-TH measures power in three phase circuits from 200 to 600 volts, maximum of about 200 amps, with no external current transformers needed.
The APT-DIN and the APN series connect to either 5 amp secondary current transformers or ProteCT™ low voltage output sensors. The APT-DIN measures three phase loads with voltages from 120 to 600 volts AC. The APN produces a digital Modbus RTU formatted data package showing voltage, current, power factor, KVA and wattage. There is also a pulsed contact which opens and closes as KWH are accumulated. The current can go to 3000 amps.
The APN-R series with its Rogowski coils, and can measure circuits to 2000 amps and 600 volts.
Many of the power transducer models are UL listed. NK Technologies' products are designed and manufactured in the US using our ISO-9001 registered quality management system and are backed by a five year warranty.

NK Technologies 5A secondary current transformers are compatible with standard power monitors and panel meters designed for 5 amp input. They also serve as current input for use with APT and APN series KW power transducers. The CT-MS and the CT-LS offer a compact, cost-effective means of measuring primary current. These split-core current transformers provide an easy-to-install method for measuring AC current, producing a 0–5 A output proportional to the current flowing through the sensing window. They both feature large sensing windows: The aperture of the CT-MS is 2.22” x 1.19” and measures current from 0–150 to 0–800 amps. The aperture of CT-LS is 3.42” X 2.30” and measures current from 0–800 to 0–1600 amps.

Altech NEW CY Series for Terminal Blocks

January 31, 2019 - Altech has prepared an online page for the New CY Series of Terminal Blocks (Printed Catalog and Samples available Late February 2019).
The New CY Series of Terminal Blocks:
Screw Terminal Blocks that incorporate:
Universal Push In Jumpers, with jumper channels.
Additional Center Marking Area.
Space Saving.
Snap on Ground Blocks.

Please feel free to check it out or download catalog pages with below web-link.

NK Technologies - High Performance Current Sensing for Automation Applications

January 23, 2019 - The new DT-BB DC current transducer features an innovative design that allows it to be installed over existing bus bars or wire, and to be mounted on a panel or DIN rail. The DT-BB is rated to measure DC current working voltage to 1500 VDC. The power supply and output signal wires are connected to the sensor with a terminal block which plugs into the header on the top of the sensor. The current sensing components and the signal conditioning are housed in a single case, reducing installation time and improving both accuracy and safety.
Standard Signal Ouput:
• 4–20 mA unipolar or 4–12–20 mA bipolar output
• 0–5/10 VDC unipolar or 0–2.5–5 VDC or 0–5–10 VDC, bipolar output
• +/-5 or +/-10 VDC bidirectional output also available Externally Powered:
• Low voltage 24 VAC/DC is safe and readily available in Split-core Case:
• Sensing window provides ample space for bus bar, single or multiple conductors DIN Rail or Panel Mount:
• Attach to a bus assembly, snap onto DIN rail or attach with screws to a panel

• Grid Connected PV Solar Generation: Measure the power produced by a number of panels connected together, at voltages to 1500 VDC.
• DC Motor Monitoring: Spot over current conditions before the machine fails; sense clogged filters or blocked intake to DC driven pumps.

NK Technologies - Innovative Current Relay Can Measure Either AC or DC Loads Up to 400 A

November 29, 2018 - Innovative Current Relay Can Measure Either AC or DC Loads Up to 400 A.
The DS1-FD Current Relay features a large aperture for monitoring AC or DC loads up to 400 amps or higher. Just thread the conductor through the sensing window (aperture) and reconnect on the other side. The relay output is isolated from the monitored circuit and can switch up to two amps up to 125 VAC, or two amps to 30 VDC. The output contacts can reset to original condition on current fall or latch in the tripped condition. The trip point (where the output relay changes state) can be adjusted between 20 and 400 amps by adjusting two potentiometers. One provides a “coarse” adjustment; the second allows for fine tuning of the trip point. The maximum current is unlimited, so current higher than the highest adjustment point will keep the relay in the tripped condition.

• Trip point to 400 ADC or 388 AAC
• Can control an AC or DC circuit
• Not polarity sensitive with regard to the monitored circuit
• Externally powered, 24 VAC or DC (20–28V)
• Both NO contact for alarm and NC contact for disconnecting applications
• Factory calibrated, warranted to stay accurate for five years minimum
• Snap onto DIN rail or attach with screws to a panel for secure mounting

ALTECH CORP. Air Ventilation Enclosures

August 03, 2018 - AKIII Series - The Unique AKIII Enclosure with Patented Air Ventilation System
The patented Air Ventilation elements avoid condensate water while preserving the high protection class IP65. Occurring condensate is transported out of the enclosure immediately via air exchange. The continuous and high air exchange allows the interior air to mix constantly with the environmental air and transports the moisture outward. Even environments with nearly constant humidity and temperature possess air exchange, since the air on the interior of the enclosure warms due to the fittings. The individual components of the ventilation elements mainly consist of the rotating cover (rear side of box) and the 10µm filter element integrated on the inside of the box.

Advantages of Air ventilation elements:
• Prevention of condensate water while preserving the high protection class IP65
• High air exchange rate
• 100% pressure compensation
• Foreign object protection
• Maintenance-free

NK Technologies - Triple-Aperture Design

July 24, 2018 - The AT/ATR-TH Current Transducer's large triple-aperture, solid-core design allows for a quick and easy installation. Just thread the conductors through the sensing windows (apertures) and reconnect on the other side. The sensor is designed to accommodate wire sizes for loads up to 200 amps. The transducer outputs are powered from an excitation voltage of 24 VAC or DC, or optionally 120 VAC, isolated from the monitored circuit. Three outputs are proportional to the AC current in each phase and a fourth represents the average of the three. Each phase are available at any time.
• Analog signal proportional to AC current; both average and True RMS models available
• Choice of ranges: 0–10 to 0–200 amps
• Externally powered, 24 VAC or DC (22–18V) or optionally 120 VAC
• Factory calibrated, warranted to stay accurate for five years minimum
• Snap onto DIN rail or attach with screws to a panel for secure mounting

• Detect over or under current conditions before they cause break downs in large machinery or interlock one process with another.
• Detect open discharge lines, clogged filters or blocked intake to pumps in water delivery and treatment.
• Monitor motor current draw which should be nearly equal in all three phases. A difference of 10% signifies trouble.

NK Technologies - High Performance Current Sensing for Automation Applications

May 23, 2018 - AGT-FD's Large Sensing Window Makes Monitoring 100 A Circuits Easy
AGT-FD Series ground fault sensors detect faults to earth from 0 mA to 100 mA and produce an output signal of 0–10 VDC in proportion to the amount of current passing to ground. The output is equal to the RMS value of the earth leakage. The AGT's sensing window is large enough to monitor 100 amp circuits. It can also be used to measure and monitor any low value AC circuit current by passing just one of the conductors through the sensing window.
• Analog output signal, 0–5 or 0–10 VDC proportional to 0–100 mA
• Externally powered, 24 Volt AC or DC (20–30V)
• Factory calibrated,warranted to stay accurate for five years minimum
• DIN rail or panel mount, simple snap onto DIN rail

Monitor earth leakage current for applications including: electric heating processes, AC motor loads, semiconductor wafer fabrication, plastic molding processes, heat trace cable systems and snow melt protection.

Allied Moulded - Prop Arm Offering for HMI Cover Kits

May 03, 2018 - Allied Moulded is pleased to announce the availability of prop arms for its HMI Cover Kits for electrical enclosures. This new accessory is now in stock and ready for immediate shipment.
The HMI cover kits and prop arms are designed to enhance an electrical enclosure. The HMI cover kits provide protection for instruments or electronics requiring routine attention or detail. The newly released prop arm is made of stainless steel and has a silicone rubber cap, allowing a user to hold the cover in an open position when the cover is installed with the hinge at the top. This allows the operator to use both hands to perform maintenance or other work necessary inside the enclosure without having the HMI cover kit to close. The HMI cover kits are available in six sizes, and each has a corresponding prop arm available.
Please visit our website at www.alliedmoulded.com to download product detail pages for information on these new Prop Arms.

ERICO - Pentair Electrical has officially become nVent

May 01, 2018 - As nVent, we believe that safer systems ensure a more secure world. We connect and protect with inventive electrical solutions.
While our name may have changed, our commitment to providing innovative solutions has not. You can continue to expect the same high-quality products from the brands you trust and the same reliable teams to support your business.
nVent’s Electrical and Fastening Solutions group—frequently referred to as our legacy company name of ERICO, which includes nVent CADDY, ERICO, ERIFLEX and LENTON—is now stronger and better equipped to serve the needs of valued customers like you.

Safely Monitor Circuits with Voltages up to 1500 VDC

March 16, 2018 - The new DT-FD series DC Current Transducers provide a large sensing window and the ability to monitor circuits with voltages up to 1500 VDC. The sensor can be mounted on a DIN rail or be attached to a back panel with screws. Easily accessible power supply and output-signal, finger-safe terminals are located on the top of the sensor to allow for a clean and trouble-free installation. The one-piece design combines the current sensing elements and the signal conditioning to provide an output compatible with most control systems, increasing the safety and accuracy of the installation.
• Industry standard analog output
• Externally powered 24VAC or DC
• Factory-set calibration reduces set-up time
• Sensing window provides ample space for single or multiple conductors
• DIN rail or panel mount

• Monitor large solar panel installations
• Monitor DC motors in traction and drilling equipment

MTE Announces New Distribution Center in San Diego, CA

February 07, 2018 - MTE Corporation Announces New Distribution Center.
The industry’s Power Quality Experts move into a new distribution center in San Diego to enhance delivery and service to customers globally.

Menomonee Falls, WI | January 31, 2018 – MTE Corporation, a world leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of high-efficiency electrical power quality solutions for commercial and industrial applications, announces the opening of a new distribution center in San Diego.
“At MTE, we don’t just build products that improve power quality” says Don Klein, President of MTE Corporation. “We build products that are available when our customers need them. Our new distribution center significantly improves our delivery and service levels.”
The facility in Chula Vista, CA, has over 7,000 products across 200+ unique part numbers in stock and ready to ship on the same or next day. The location was strategically chosen to service customers globally due to its proximity to major ground, sea, and air transportation hubs. MTE Corporation began shipping its MTE and TEAL branded products out of this facility on December 4, 2017.
“Our new 23,400 square feet distribution center features two key benefits for our customers” says Z Zakaria, VP of Business Development and Product Management. “In addition to access to major transportation lines, the size of the facility enables us to stock the wide range of products that our customers need on any given day.” MTE, already known for its superior products and technical expertise, has elevated its delivery and service capabilities with the new distribution center, solidifying its position as the market leader for power quality. For more information on MTE and its solutions, visit www.mtecorp.com.

NEW DG Series DC Ground Fault Detector

February 07, 2018 - Easily Detect Ground Fault in DC Powered Systems
Detecting fault condition in a DC circuit with a floating ground is not easy. With the increase in the use of photovoltaic panels and other alternative methods to generate power, the need for ground fault detection in DC powered systems is becoming more apparent. Most methods currently in use require the measurement of the voltage in some manner. NK Technologies’ new DC ground fault relay makes detection easy and can be installed at a fraction of the cost of products currently available. The one-piece, solid-core design allows for installation over wires feeding loads to about fifty amps. The output relay will change state at factory setpoint between 5 and 50 mA of DC current to earth.
• Electromechanical relay outputs
• Externally powered for higher accuracy
• Ample sensing window for multiple conductors

• Detect fault currents in photovoltaic panels before damage can occur
• Detect moisture ingress in submersible pumps
• De-energize a circuit quickly if an element in a heating process shorts to ground
• Monitor if a battery powered supply in a communication tower is allowing current to earth