Introducing MTE's NEW dV E-Series Motor Protection Filter

December 14, 2021 - MTE is excited to announce that the newest addition to our industry-leading motor protection family, the dV-Series dV/dt filter is NOW AVAILABLE.

The dV E-Series mitigates reflective wave, reduces rise time, and limits peak voltage.
This level of protection results in a reduction in motor heating, longer cable and motor life, and a significant reduction in downtime and total ownership cost.
The dV E-Series is well suited for the demands of any industrial application.
The 208V to 600V dV E-Series runs cooler and saves customers money, with up to 60% more efficiency versus the competition, and provides convenient setup and handling, with up to 73% weight savings and a 35% smaller footprint than the competition
- MTE is ready to receive orders today, December 14, 2021.
- Stock is available on all Panel Mounted (DVTP) part numbers up to 130A.
- These items are part of MTE's Power Quality Express stocking initiative.
- Items not listed have lead times under 10 days, see link below.
- Click-Find product selector is also live with the dV E-Series, see link below.
- The MTE website is now live with the dV E-Series, see link below. There you will find the product brochure, technical reference manual, installation guide, selection tables, and drawings.

Altech Corp.- NEW Low Profile and Ultra Compact POWER SUPPLIES

November 22, 2021 -
PSD Low Profile Series Available Rated Power: 15,30,60 or 100W
- Small size
- Universal Input
- Three-year Warranty
NEW - PSC Ultra Compact Series Available Rated Power: 75,12,240 or 480W
- Ultra Slim size
- Conformal coated PCB
- Parallel option available
- Universal Input
- Three-year Warranty
See link below for Altech updated Ultra-Compact and Low-Profile Power Supplies selection guide.

MTE Introduces Stocking Program for Quick Delivery of Popular Products

October 28, 2021 - The “Power Quality Express” initiative ensures in-demand products are stocked and dramatically shortens the lead time of the entire MTE portfolio.

MTE Corporation, a world leader in the design and manufacture of high efficiency electrical power quality solutions for commercial and industrial applications, today announced the introduction of “Power Quality Express,” a stocking initiative that enables the company to respond immediately to customer demand. The initiative puts over 100 of our most popular products in stock for immediate delivery, including RL and RLW reactors, Matrix® AP harmonic filters, our new dV E-Series dV/dt filters, and select SineWave filters. In addition, MTE has invested in operations innovation to ensure over 600 of our in demand SKUs are ready to ship in under 10 days.

“The Power Quality Express program came together through close collaboration between our suppliers and a broad, cross functional MTE team,” said Mike Ingle, Vice President of Operations. “Early on, we recognized some of the material supply and delivery headwinds that were coming and moved swiftly to address them so we could shorten lead times, while others were stretching them out.”

“The robust post pandemic economic recovery created unique supply challenges across all industries, and MTE is meeting those challenges head on,” said Shawn Smith, MTE President. “Our customers can have the best, most robust power quality solutions, and now with world class lead times.”

All products covered under the “Power Quality Express” program are available to order now, click link below to see Power Quality Express Products list.

MTE Corporation Launches Highest Performance Capacitors for the Power Quality Market

August 07, 2021 - MTE corporation, the market leader in power quality solutions including Harmonic Filters, Motor Protection Filters and Sinewave Filters, is proud to announce the release of EnduraCaps™ – the most advanced capacitors on the market. EnduraCaps™ are ultra-hardened capacitor solutions for the most demanding industrial applications where uptime is of critical importance.
Developed in partnership with Cornell Dublier Electronics (CDE), the experts in capacitor innovation, EnduraCaps™ represent the best in manufacturing technologies and material processes available. CDE says they have “developed proprietary capacitor designs and processes that ensure the most reliable performance in AC harmonic filtering applications” exclusively for MTE.
EnduraCaps™ offer significant performance benefits to our most demanding customers, including a design that ensures operational longevity in the harshest environments, and manufacturing upgrades that enable over 30% improvement in breakdown voltage.
EnduraCaps™ are shipping now in our harmonic filters and sinewave filters for our Oil & Gas customers and select high amperage applications. MTE will phase EnduraCaps™ into all our products over the next several quarters, learn more at

nVent-ERIFLEX Tool Promo 11/11/20 through 12/31/20

November 11, 2020 - Do you want to increase production and decrease fabrication time?
Now is the perfect opportunity to purchase nVent-ERIFLEX tools.
QUOTE 203644 must be referenced on all purchase orders to receive promotional pricing
Please contact Liberty Control Sales for a current list of qualifying tools

MTE Corporation - Now Available / SineWave Nexus 5-Year Motor Bearing Warranty

October 29, 2020 - Protect Your Motor Bearings from Harmful Electrical Fluting Damage with MTE SineWave Nexus 5-Year Motor Bearing Warranty
MTE Corporation warranties AC induction motor bearings against failure from electrical fluting damage when MTE’s SineWave Nexus filter has been installed with a new motor, or a motor with new bearings, and installed in accordance with MTE’s SineWave Nexus 380V-600V Installation Guide, see MTE link below for complete warranty details.

Altech Corp. – Sensor & Actuator Cables and Connectors

October 29, 2020 - NEW Altech Sensor & Actuator Cables and Connectors
M8 & M12
Molded Female Cable Assemblies available in Straight and Angled Connectors, PVC & PUR Cable, 3,4,5,8 and 12 pole Connectors, 2,5,10 Std cable length, Custom cable length available
Panel Feed-Through Connectors available in Female/Male Versions, Front/Rear Mount connectors, M8: 3,4 pole / M12: 4,5,8,12 pole, A-Coding
Field Wired Connectors available in Female/Male Versions, 3,4,5 and 8 pole, Screw & Solder Connection, A-Coding