Terminal Blocks for DIN rail; PC Board Terminal Blocks; UL 1077 Recognized, UL 508 Listed, & UL 489 DIN Rail Mounted Mini Circuit Breakers; UL 489 and Molded Case Breakers; Cord Grips; Disconnect Switches; Safety Relays; Push Buttons; Contactors; Footswitches; Power Supplies; DIN Rail Distribution Blocks; Proximity Switches; Wire Duct; Pin & Sleeve Connectors, Rectangular Connectors; Panel & DIN Rail Mounted Convenience Outlets; DIN Rail Mounted Power Supplies; Contactors, Molded Case Circuit Breakers, eCatalog available.

Name Title Phone Email
#1 Joanna Biglan Customer Service 908-806-9400 ex 422
  Price, delivery, special quotes, sample orders
Jeff Roye Product Manager 908-806-9400 ex 420
  Enclosures, Cord Grips, Safety Relays and Modules, Wire Ducts
Klaus Tum Product Manager 908-806-9400 ex 419
  Circuit Breakers, Buss Bars, Disconnect Switches, Footswitches, Prox Switches, Contactors, Pin & Sleeve Connectors
Laszlo Gyorgypal Product Manager 908-806-9400 ex 428
  Interface Modules, relays and Power Supplies; Push Buttons & Pilot Lights, Special Assemblies and In-House Production
Markus Kraess Product Manager 908-806-9400 ext 415
  All Terminal Blocks, Rectangular Connectors, Ferrules, Marking Systems, Sensors, Digital Meters
Morgan Early Product Manager 908-806-9400 ex 429

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